We believe everybody has something valuable to contribute to build better and happier cities. Act locally, impact globally!

Founder and Managing Director

I am from Asturias, born in Oviedo, although I consider myself a citizen of the world. I currently live between Munich and Barcelona, but have also resided in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), London and Amsterdam. I am in love with the arabic culture and its language, which I am devoted to learning right now.

After 15 years working in the corporate finance field - where everything is about economic return - I realized that the most important and forgotten are the people. And if we don't make an effort, the negative consequences for all of us and the planet could be catastrophic. I believe that everybody can contribute to improve the world. I am very keen to take part in the development of the next economy that is about to come.

This is why I decided to start up Citycise. A meeting place for companies (big and small) and people. I am committed to put local initiatives with a social and environmental impact in cities into action with the backing of companies that believe they are part of the communities where they operate.

Citycise also aims at discovering the most intimate parts of cities, the ones that are not in the travel guides, which are however related to their citizens and their impetus for the environment. Small actions with a global impact.

Living between Barcelona and Munich, I can’t stop wondering how far Spain is from Germany when it comes to recycling, respect for the environment or the culture of sharing.

More things about me: I love, the ocean, looking for the best place on earth to dive in, discovering the best world cuisines that have missed the industrialization, going back to Asturias to visit my family. I enjoy meeting different people that are passionate about what they do. I am captivated by the arab world, its mystery and its people, who are moved by values that influence their language. Learning a language is the key to experience a new culture.

Brand & Communication & PR Strategist and Journalist

I fell in love with traveling from the day I saved enough money to take a train from Barcelona to Paris when I was 17 years old.

Both because I truly enjoy it and because the different jobs I have been involved with, I have had the opportunity of travelling an important part of my life. I have been in such many extraordinary places: Mexico, Ecuador, Myanmar, Iceland, Turkey, India, Thailand, Philippines, Madagascar, China, Cuba, United States, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco... I firmly believe travelling is the most beautiful thing to do. Taking a plane makes me feel like dancing.

Discovering other countries and cities help me to keep being creative, positive, happy, innovative, content with my life, without expecting anything more. Doing a trip you learn infinite things and helps changing your perspective when you need a twist in your life.

After having my baby, I realized my former company was not prepared to have a Mommy-Director. So I left my international-super-cool job. Now, I am grateful because I have discovered social and responsible organizations and companies with other stimulating and compelling aims, not just selling. I have learnt about sustainability, trade fair, environment, human rights, social responsibility, respect...

Working in Citycise is like being always traveling, just but much better. We look for ideas that create better communities, better cities, happier people.

At the present time, because of family matters, I am living between Shanghai and Barcelona. Sometimes is a little crazy. It means I have to take planes often. It means I dance a lot.

More things about me: I like fresh not pollute air -when you live in Shanghai you realize what it means, vegetarian food, walking with no goals, knowing strangers, reading shared books, the cauliflower word (I think it is funny), my mommy`s paella Family Sunday´s Lunch, Confucius and Chinese Culture. And, of course, I also like my daughter who also makes me feel like dancing.