Embellish cities out of the dirt

Embellish cities out of the dirt

Street Art

A Russian artist has transformed dusty cars and vans into mobile masterpieces thanks to his stunningly intricate drawings.
Nikita Golubev has been painstakingly etching gorillas, sharks and surfers on the backs of vehicles in Moscow for the last two weeks, in a process he calls #dirtpainting.

The talented self-educated artist uses his fingers and paintbrushes to create the works of art, made all the more precious as they can be wiped off at any second.
From a pair of hands clasped in prayer to an owl’s beady eyes glaring over a pair of van doors, Golubev’s creative expression knows no bounds.

Sometimes he will ask drivers for permission before he gets to work – and other times he simply bestows the parked vehicles with his creations.

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