Litter-pickering in your street can be a habit

Litter-pickering in your street can be a habit

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David Sedaris is a best-selling author, Grammy-nominated humorist and self-made litter-picker.

He is gathering up litter in his hometown every day for many hours. It’s not as if Sedaris himself is trying to keep these two strands of his life – famous writer and obsessive tidier of West Sussex – separate. “You can tell where my territory ends and the rest of England begins,” he wrote.
Why is he doing this? He is upset about all the litter that people discard so thoughtlessly on the streets. He usually starts cleaning around 1:30 pm until 8:30 pm. He has a big trash bag with him and when it is full he called the city administration to pick it up.

He have even got a waste vehicle named after him, where a giant cartoon pig is painted on its side, next to the words “Thanks David for helping to keep the area clean.” If he’s less than flattered by the association, he’s not showing it in the picture.

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