‘Made By Refugee’ Stickers in NYC to bring down stereotypes

‘Made By Refugee’ Stickers in NYC to bring down stereotypes

Cities of Migration

‘Made By Refugee’ Stickers Are Popping Up All Over NYC.

Refugees are regularly stereotyped in unflattering or cruel ways. Whether they’re cast as hapless beggars, faceless members of a horde refusing to assimilate, or drains on a society’s resources, descriptions of refugees around the world rarely emphasize their individual talents and capabilities, or their all-too-human stories.

Two students from the Miami Ad School want to change this unfair reckoning. Recently, Kien Quan and Jillian Young began challenging preconceptions by highlighting the many contributions refugees have made to US society with their new project “Made by Refugees.”

To counter this negative stereotype, the pair created a label that says “Made by Refugees” and they’re going throughout New York putting it on products and items that were made possible by refugees.

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