Want to go #surfing and help at-risk youth?

Want to go #surfing and help at-risk youth?

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OneWatershed is the social initiative of StokeShare making a positive impact in Los Angeles.

StokeShare aims to measure its success by the number of kids they take outdoors. We’re less interested in the personal financial impact of the company and far more interested in the wide array of positive impacts it can have on the world. It’s an audacious thing to say, but that is the viewpoint we’re taking.

The intent of this program is to rent gear from our marketplace so StokeShare users can see their unused gear transform a young person’s life. Stokeshare rents our user’s equipment to teach at-risk youth about the outdoors.
Then, as more and more young people fall in love with action sports, more kids will grow up with motivation to protect the wild places they play in.

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